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In order to make sure that you are appropriately scheduled and given the most cost effective solution,
we request that you contact us at (206) 745-2671 or email us at support@ecit.online to receive a free phone consultation now.
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Emerald City IT sells new and refurbished servers for business and enterprise networking environments which need faster, quieter servers that are energy star rated. We sell standing and rackmount servers with multiple processors, processor cores, and large quantities or ram and storage space. We provide Seattle with competitive rates for our hardware and consulting services which are not available through normal retail and specialty providers.

New Servers Wholesale

We sell networking equipment and security appliances such as Cisco routers, firewalls, Netgear switches, cables, cabinets, cooling, environment monitoring, storage and backup devices. Emerald City IT sources only the highest quality computer equipment and networking hardware from our vendors. We retail high quality equipment to our clients at prices which are competitive with wholesale sellers in our market. Our services improve Seattle business by delivering quality computers and tech support to our clients which increases productivity while reducing operating costs.

ESET Nod32 Virus Protection


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